5 Tips to Maintain the Weight During The Holidays!

The holiday season is often associated with abuse of food and alcohol, so weight gain. To avoid falling into the trap and feasting without guilt, here are 5 easy tricks to apply during this magical period.

1 – Eat before meals.

Yes, you read correctly! Before Aunt Ginette’s buffet or knowing that grandma will have made many desserts pigs, make sure not to arrive empty belly at receptions. Thus, you will avoid throwing body and soul on the food. You will be more willing to choose sparingly bites and portions of food while spoiling your taste buds.

2 – Alternate the alcohol with water.

The wine is good and it is time to enjoy it. Uncontested source of sugar and calories, alcohols of all kinds add to the food on the waistline. To enjoy the alcohol, always have a glass of water at hand. 1 gulp of water, 1 mouthful of alcohol. Better still, 2 mouthfuls of water, 1 of alcohol. By alternating fluids, not only will you avoid the barrage of the next day, but in addition you will not feel deprived.

3 – Move!

If it is not you who receive, offer your help for the service, the pickup of the table, the dishes. It is not the training of the century it is true, but it is still better than not to move at all. Then, while your hands are busy, you will be less inclined to nibble.

You can also walk or organize a contest of the most beautiful snowman in family, a snowball battle too!

4 – Innovate sofas and desserts.

Hidden source of fat, sugars and calories, the sofas served as input are deadly for the waist. The same goes for all those divine desserts that sit on the table for hours at a time. You receive? Look for healthy ideas of tasty sofas and impress your guests. Are you received? As a gift for a hostess, why not create a beautiful, healthy and festive recipe for starters or desserts, to discover and offer as a recipe the récipe?

5 – Doggy bag

The famous doggy bag, or the art of bringing home the rest of the restaurant table. Do the same thing while visiting! It is clear that Aunt Ginette will overflow your plate despite your request. And nobody likes to waste food. Honor your host by telling him that it is so good but so good everything on the table that you prefer to take home.

Sure, the combination of these points will allow you to pass through the holidays without having to enlarge your clothes in January.

Last trick:

What to eat before meals? The simplest solution is a good protein whip! Low in calories, the protein will prevent the assault on the visiting table but will increase your metabolism in order to better burn what will follow.

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