Being in Form During Music Festivals

Summer is the season of music festivals! During the summer, you will be at least once covered with mud while listening to your favorite music. But did you know that festivals were also beneficial for fitness. Yeah, mine of nothing we spend a lot to walk, jump and dance in all directions. In order to make the most of the weekends that await you, you must be in top form! To help you, we present today some useful alternatives so that your weekend is unforgettable, healthy and effective for your body.



Most festivals offer junk food stands, which is not ideal when you are vegan, eat gluten-free, or eat a special diet. So remember to take along with you handfuls of oilseeds, cereals or fruit in a bag or in a small box. Prefer the seeds of hemp, pumpkin, flax or sunflower! They will provide you with all the amino acids, fatty acids and essential carbohydrates to stimulate you!



Besides the beer you intend to consume during the weekend, it is very important to remain faithful in parallel to its bottle of water. Alcohol is actually a dehydrator, just like the sun that will tap on your bohemian chic hat. Water not only allows you to stay hydrated, but also strengthens the muscles, which will be put to the test between dances and pogoes of all kinds. It will also help your skin stay healthy which, in increased exposure to sunlight, is more than necessary

This is the opportunity to empty your mind and enjoy the summer with these friends (and a Nakd bar.



It’s time to breathe and free your mind! Let go. Sing, jump and dance to the end of the night (or should we say in the morning, it will be fun for you but your body will thank you for making it move as well! Think of something else allows your body and mind to be appeased to start on good bases behind. So do not hesitate any more. It’s time to forget everything, and enjoy this summer.



Our healthy snacks are easily transportable and perfect to slip into your backpack (or your pocket) during a festival weekend. What better way to taste his Nakd bar by listening to his favorite artist? The dream, right? Our super-snacks take up little space, but provide the flavors and nutrients you need to last until the end of the night and that, with nothing but natural ingredientes.

There is still time to take your seats for this festival that has been watching you for a few days now! Everything is good to take. Have fun and dance all night with your Nakd bar at the bottom of the pocket.

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