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4 out of 5 Women Have Sexual Problems

It is true that it would be simple if these disorders were purely psychological but it must be recognized that stress, blues, overwork characterize the lives of many women in our present society. Thus, modern life can have a definite impact on their sex lives.

What to do when the desire fails or is no longer at the rendezvous? What are the reasons? From the loss of the libido to the anorgasmia, is it only in the head that the origin of the female sexual troubles is located? Many women consult Sexology because for them sexuality is no longer a pleasure. Often, they ask whether:

Are all women gifted for pleasure?

Loss of libido, pain, anorgasmia … Although very numerous, sexual dysfunctions in women are often ignored. Is it because feminine sexuality is complex, mixing psychological, hormonal and organic components?

However, recently, the World Health Organization (O.M.S.) has addressed these women’s pathologies, often resulting in severe psychological disturbances, such as various depressive and neurasthenic states, and complex mental situations of personal distress.

According to this large observational study, 84% of all women and 55% of sexually active women in hemodialysis experience sexual problems. According to the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, there are currently no interventions available to address these problems in the Collaborative Depression and Sexual Dysfunction in Hemodialysis.

Patients on dialysis may experience symptoms such as pain, depression, sleep disorders and fatigue that affect their quality of life. By showing that the vast majority of women with renal failure on dialysis may also experience sexual problems, this study encourages a better understanding of how sexual dysfunction affects the quality of life of dialysis patients and their psychological well-being.

While there is a growing awareness of erectile dysfunction in men on hemodialysis, the sexual health of women dialysis patients has been rarely examined. Here, Dr. Giovanni Strippoli of the Consorzio Mario Negri (Italy) and her colleagues examined the responses of 659 dialysis patients in Europe and South America to a questionnaire on the index of female sexual function. The researchers’ analysis presents the first major conclusions on sexual function in dialysis patients:

  • 84% of all women and 55% of sexually active women on dialysis experience sexual problems.
  • Women with a partner are less likely to report sexual dysfunction than those without partners.
  • Sexual dysfunction is most commonly reported by older, less educated women with more symptoms of depression, menopausal, diabetic or diuretic.
  • Almost all women (96%) who are not on a transplant waiting list and who live without a partner have sexual dysfunction.

This study shows the extent of sexual dysfunction in women on dialysis, which deserves more attention because there is no specific intervention to manage these disorders, says Dr. Strippoli. Should not overlook the importance of problems such as sexual dysfunction in people on hemodialysis “.

Benefits of Enlarging Penis Size

How important is it to enlarge your penis? Nothing is more fulfilling for a man than to feel virile and accomplish feat after feat in bed. But all her pride and sexual performance depend on her physical strengths which make all her masculinity, mainly the size of her penis.

If you have these strengths and confidence you are sure to fill any partner and have the stamina and performance required for exceptional sexual experiences. On the other hand, if you think you do not have the required criteria, your sexual experiences may not always be successful. A penis enlargement would therefore be possible and it is a very common practice today and we talk about it without taboos.

You are thinking to enlarge the penis?

Some advice would be useful in this case. Given the great diversity of the techniques of expansion, the opinion of the specialists as indicated on the site seems essential, not to mention also the tricks that would make your experience a real success.

One thing is certain, surgery is a technique highly discouraged and you must absolutely realize the risks it presents. Experts recommend the natural method, herbal medicine and these traditional grandmother recipes.

So, for your experience to be successful, certain behaviors are to be adopted, you would not be obliged to introduce modifications in your daily life, but some positive attitudes would be very advantageous to enlarge your penis in a healthy way and to be able to keep the fruits of this exceptional experience for life.

If you are a regular smoker or consumer of alcohol, reduce your intake or try to stop it. The natural process to enlarge the penis is based exclusively on a good blood circulation, this kind of materials does not favor the smooth running of the experiment.

If you live too stressful a life or have too tight a rhythm, try to reduce your stress and relieve stress. You need to have fresh mind and clear ideas, your nerves calmed down and your muscles relaxed, to promote proper functioning of the natural supplements you are going to take.

Have regular physical activity to replenish energy. The inactivity slows down the natural process to enlarge the penis and it could take longer to manifest its results. The sport keeps all the elements of your body in activity and thus ensures the good activity and fusion of the ingredients consumed.

What you will gain after this experience:

For the woman:

A larger penis provides much stronger sensations.

Deeper and more powerful penetrations.

Strong contact throughout the vagina.

Stronger contractions at each movement.

Orgasms even more intense given the so strong stimulation of all the erogenous areas of the woman’s genitals.

For the man:

A perfect confidence and an intensified sexual vigor.

An incontestable pleasure at the sight of his penis at rest as in erection.

A perfect ease to show off in the locker room or during the preliminaries with pride.

Stronger sensations during penetration due to the ability to reach areas of the vagina never touched before.

An excitement accentuated by the fiery reactions of the fulfilled partner.

The ability to dare sexual positions never managed to achieve with a small penis.

Spectacular endurance and breathtaking performance.

Tips for a Clean Skin

Everyone wants to have a soft and silky skin. However, this part of the body does not offer its best face everyday. Apart from transient imperfections, such as pimples and acne, the skin also displays time-related problems, such as wrinkles and stains. Although these defects are not inevitable, it is important to have all the good looks, which is visible thanks to a clean skin. But what is the secret?

Portrait of beautiful hands and lips, close-up; Shutterstock ID 171838430; PO: StyleList Québec

A healthy lifestyle

At some point in life, it is normal to have enough of the whims of the skin. After trying all the famous cosmetics, without long term results, it is normal to ask questions. Yet, the real miracle recipe for possessing unrivaled skin goes through a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, the health of the epidermis is conditioned by several factors like your nutritional habit, your exercises and your mood. Thus, it is important to always favor a healthy and balanced diet, guaranteeing you nutrient intakes essential for the beauty of your epidermis. A wake up tone also allows you to refuel, which promotes your well-being. The more zen you are in life, the more your skin lights up.

Some Essential Habits

In addition to your new lifestyle, there are daily beneficial routines for the skin. In general, you must have four treatments in your home including a make-up remover, a mask, an exfoliant and dedicated creams (day or night care). These products serve as a basis for your makeup, since it is essential to clean your skin every day and apply a day cream. Every two weeks, consider a more thorough treatment, including the application of a mask and a scrub. To keep the skin soft, the choice of your products is to be taken seriously. A daily hydration of the epidermis is also advised to keep it soft and supple.

Fighting Fatigue – A Healthy Diet to Keep Fit

You are regularly exhausted? You feel morose and soft? It is then very likely that you are suffering from fatigue. A good night’s rest can do a lot of good, but a healthy diet is also paramount! What you eat exerts an influence on your body and your health. A lack of vitamins, minerals and essential fiber can already have consequences on your sleep. It is only by adopting a varied and healthy diet that you will feel in shape and that you will have more energy. We give you some tips to fight fatigue with a healthy diet.

Fight fatigue with a healthy breakfast

A healthy diet begins with a healthy breakfast. Everyone knows that this is the most important meal of the day, but yet you often miss the breakfast. By having lunch in the morning, you feel much better, both physically and mentally. This meal provides you with the energy you need to get your day off to a good start! Even if you are not very hungry in the morning, you should eat something. If you do not have breakfast or very rarely, you will have to adapt your habits!

Drink enough

Our body consists largely of water. It is important to maintain a balance of water in your body and drink enough. Be sure to drink at least one and a half liters of water per day. You’ll quickly get back into shape! Why is water so important? At the slightest sign of dryness, your blood becomes thicker. Your heart must then make more effort to circulate the blood. Your energy is thus quickly exhausted, hence the feeling of fatigue.

Take less copious meals, but more often

By taking a less hearty meal every 3 hours, your glucose level remains stable. This promotes a balance of energy level. Why is not it healthy to eat a lot 3 times a day? Because these meals require more energy to be digested, hence a cockroach and a feeling of fatigue.

Eat Dietary Fiber

The fibers provide you with energy for a long time. They ensure that the carbohydrates arrive slowly in the blood. It is recommended to eat between 25 and 30 grams of fiber per day. Here are some tips for eating fiber: eat a bowl of whole grains, spaghetti with whole wheat and leave the skin around your apple!

Other important foods to combat fatigue

Besides dietary fiber, there are other foods crucial to an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

Omega-3: Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the normal functioning of the brain. They keep you alert and avoid apathy and fatigue!

Magnesium: mineral magnesium relaxes muscles and promotes sleep. It gives energy to your body!

Iron: A large amount of iron is found in cocoa, oysters, shrimp, beef, liver and puddings. Iron plays an important role in the production of red cells. A lack of iron that can cause fatigue, be sure to eat enough products with iron!

Vitamins: Our metabolism can not do without vitamins. To ensure a daily intake of vitamins, it is better to eat enough fruits and vegetables! Vitamin tablets help to compensate for a lack of vitamins.

5 Tips to Maintain the Weight During The Holidays!

The holiday season is often associated with abuse of food and alcohol, so weight gain. To avoid falling into the trap and feasting without guilt, here are 5 easy tricks to apply during this magical period.

1 – Eat before meals.

Yes, you read correctly! Before Aunt Ginette’s buffet or knowing that grandma will have made many desserts pigs, make sure not to arrive empty belly at receptions. Thus, you will avoid throwing body and soul on the food. You will be more willing to choose sparingly bites and portions of food while spoiling your taste buds.

2 – Alternate the alcohol with water.

The wine is good and it is time to enjoy it. Uncontested source of sugar and calories, alcohols of all kinds add to the food on the waistline. To enjoy the alcohol, always have a glass of water at hand. 1 gulp of water, 1 mouthful of alcohol. Better still, 2 mouthfuls of water, 1 of alcohol. By alternating fluids, not only will you avoid the barrage of the next day, but in addition you will not feel deprived.

3 – Move!

If it is not you who receive, offer your help for the service, the pickup of the table, the dishes. It is not the training of the century it is true, but it is still better than not to move at all. Then, while your hands are busy, you will be less inclined to nibble.

You can also walk or organize a contest of the most beautiful snowman in family, a snowball battle too!

4 – Innovate sofas and desserts.

Hidden source of fat, sugars and calories, the sofas served as input are deadly for the waist. The same goes for all those divine desserts that sit on the table for hours at a time. You receive? Look for healthy ideas of tasty sofas and impress your guests. Are you received? As a gift for a hostess, why not create a beautiful, healthy and festive recipe for starters or desserts, to discover and offer as a recipe the récipe?

5 – Doggy bag

The famous doggy bag, or the art of bringing home the rest of the restaurant table. Do the same thing while visiting! It is clear that Aunt Ginette will overflow your plate despite your request. And nobody likes to waste food. Honor your host by telling him that it is so good but so good everything on the table that you prefer to take home.

Sure, the combination of these points will allow you to pass through the holidays without having to enlarge your clothes in January.

Last trick:

What to eat before meals? The simplest solution is a good protein whip! Low in calories, the protein will prevent the assault on the visiting table but will increase your metabolism in order to better burn what will follow.

Being in Form During Music Festivals

Summer is the season of music festivals! During the summer, you will be at least once covered with mud while listening to your favorite music. But did you know that festivals were also beneficial for fitness. Yeah, mine of nothing we spend a lot to walk, jump and dance in all directions. In order to make the most of the weekends that await you, you must be in top form! To help you, we present today some useful alternatives so that your weekend is unforgettable, healthy and effective for your body.



Most festivals offer junk food stands, which is not ideal when you are vegan, eat gluten-free, or eat a special diet. So remember to take along with you handfuls of oilseeds, cereals or fruit in a bag or in a small box. Prefer the seeds of hemp, pumpkin, flax or sunflower! They will provide you with all the amino acids, fatty acids and essential carbohydrates to stimulate you!



Besides the beer you intend to consume during the weekend, it is very important to remain faithful in parallel to its bottle of water. Alcohol is actually a dehydrator, just like the sun that will tap on your bohemian chic hat. Water not only allows you to stay hydrated, but also strengthens the muscles, which will be put to the test between dances and pogoes of all kinds. It will also help your skin stay healthy which, in increased exposure to sunlight, is more than necessary

This is the opportunity to empty your mind and enjoy the summer with these friends (and a Nakd bar.



It’s time to breathe and free your mind! Let go. Sing, jump and dance to the end of the night (or should we say in the morning, it will be fun for you but your body will thank you for making it move as well! Think of something else allows your body and mind to be appeased to start on good bases behind. So do not hesitate any more. It’s time to forget everything, and enjoy this summer.



Our healthy snacks are easily transportable and perfect to slip into your backpack (or your pocket) during a festival weekend. What better way to taste his Nakd bar by listening to his favorite artist? The dream, right? Our super-snacks take up little space, but provide the flavors and nutrients you need to last until the end of the night and that, with nothing but natural ingredientes.

There is still time to take your seats for this festival that has been watching you for a few days now! Everything is good to take. Have fun and dance all night with your Nakd bar at the bottom of the pocket.