4 out of 5 Women Have Sexual Problems

It is true that it would be simple if these disorders were purely psychological but it must be recognized that stress, blues, overwork characterize the lives of many women in our present society. Thus, modern life can have a definite impact on their sex lives.

What to do when the desire fails or is no longer at the rendezvous? What are the reasons? From the loss of the libido to the anorgasmia, is it only in the head that the origin of the female sexual troubles is located? Many women consult Sexology because for them sexuality is no longer a pleasure. Often, they ask whether:

Are all women gifted for pleasure?

Loss of libido, pain, anorgasmia … Although very numerous, sexual dysfunctions in women are often ignored. Is it because feminine sexuality is complex, mixing psychological, hormonal and organic components?

However, recently, the World Health Organization (O.M.S.) has addressed these women’s pathologies, often resulting in severe psychological disturbances, such as various depressive and neurasthenic states, and complex mental situations of personal distress.

According to this large observational study, 84% of all women and 55% of sexually active women in hemodialysis experience sexual problems. According to the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, there are currently no interventions available to address these problems in the Collaborative Depression and Sexual Dysfunction in Hemodialysis.

Patients on dialysis may experience symptoms such as pain, depression, sleep disorders and fatigue that affect their quality of life. By showing that the vast majority of women with renal failure on dialysis may also experience sexual problems, this study encourages a better understanding of how sexual dysfunction affects the quality of life of dialysis patients and their psychological well-being.

While there is a growing awareness of erectile dysfunction in men on hemodialysis, the sexual health of women dialysis patients has been rarely examined. Here, Dr. Giovanni Strippoli of the Consorzio Mario Negri (Italy) and her colleagues examined the responses of 659 dialysis patients in Europe and South America to a questionnaire on the index of female sexual function. The researchers’ analysis presents the first major conclusions on sexual function in dialysis patients:

  • 84% of all women and 55% of sexually active women on dialysis experience sexual problems.
  • Women with a partner are less likely to report sexual dysfunction than those without partners.
  • Sexual dysfunction is most commonly reported by older, less educated women with more symptoms of depression, menopausal, diabetic or diuretic.
  • Almost all women (96%) who are not on a transplant waiting list and who live without a partner have sexual dysfunction.

This study shows the extent of sexual dysfunction in women on dialysis, which deserves more attention because there is no specific intervention to manage these disorders, says Dr. Strippoli. Should not overlook the importance of problems such as sexual dysfunction in people on hemodialysis “.

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